Education is a part of life.  It should be fun and challenging... not boring.

With so many games and apps available in the digital space, any parent will tell you if you can keep kids entertained while they learn new skills you’re onto a winner!

A new range of games from preschool series EVERYTHING’S ROSIE does just that.

RAGGLES BUBBLE BURST offers 5 fun levels in which kids have to aim and shoot different coloured bubbles or shapes in order to match 3 or more of the same colour.

Wreath Craft for Christmas

Easy Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids

It’s this time of year again! The shop are getting their Christmas windows ready, the major retailers are all competing for best Christmas adverts, shopping and garden centres are inviting you to have breakfast/lunch/dinner with Santa (charging a ridiculous price for a croissant and a rubbish toy!) and the kids are chomping at the bits stuck indoors because it’s way too cold or rainy to be outside!

Everything's Rosie tunes into Radio

Everything's Rosie Expands into Radio

Much loved pre-school series EVERYTHING’S ROSIE heads over to the air waves of CBeebies Radio after the broadcaster commissioned 5 specially recorded episodes for their listeners.

The deal will run for 5 years and follows the animated adventures of little girl Rosie and her best friend Raggles, the blue rabbit.

CBeebies Radio takes children to a world of sound and music, where they can share imaginative adventures and listen to stories with their favourite CBeebies friends.

Episodes will also be available on demand on the Children’s Radio iPlayer in the UK.