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Cartoons for kids – free video streaming services vs. buying

You can find a lot of free cartoons for kids on the Internet - just go to Youtube or some other video streaming website. For example, you can watch "Everything's Rosie" compilation on their official Youtube channel or on the BBC website. The main advantages of this approach are, of course, the price (or, rather, the absence of price) and the fact that you can start watching almost immediately. Nevertheless, many people still prefer to buy cartoons. Why? Let's consider the advantages of buying over streaming:

Cartoons for kids

Benefits of singing Cbeebies Songs

When we are grown-ups we pretty much stop watching cartoons. We prefer movies. But if someone was to mention the name of your favourite cartoon, what would pop up in your mind? A song, of course! That very song you were singing at the top of your lungs every time your favourite cartoon appeared on the screen. There is no doubt that you can sing that song right now. You just never forget, because those memories last forever. Do you feel how warm and sweet those memories are? So, let’s give such memories to our children because it’s also very beneficial.

Cbeebies Songs

How to start watching Cbeebies online – and why you should

Nowadays, there is a tendency, especially among young people, to not have a TV set at home. Some young people, when they move, do not even bother to buy a TV, considering that a computer or a laptop plus several tablets and phones are more than enough screens for one apartment. Nevertheless, people haven't stopped watching TV shows and series - they just watch them using other devices.

watching Cbeebies online