Raggles | Everything's Rosie Characters
The Cheeky One!
  • Best friend... ROSIE
  • Favourite food... Chocolate Chip Cookies and Carrots!
  • Favourite game... Snakes and Ladders
  • LIKES... playing detective with his magnifying glass
  • Looking forward to... appearing at WEST END LIVE on 24th/25th June
  • DOESN'T LIKE... it when the fridge is empty!

Raggles is Rosie’s best friend.  He’s a cheeky blue bunny who is inquisitive, funny and entertaining.  Constantly curious about the world around him, he is always bursting with questions and seeking adventure! 

Raggles loves eating, playing his penny whistle and whizzing around the garden on the Twooter with Rosie. 

He has boundless energy and a fun-loving nature which makes him great to be around.

Raggles lives in a big Pink playhouse at the centre of the garden with his best friend Rosie. It has stairs that disappear at the flick of a switch leaving an amazing helter-skelter slide down to the playground below.

Inside, the house is bright and colourful with a special glass lift that allows Rosie and Raggles to move upstairs and downstairs. It even has an organic indoor garden where they grow fruit and herbs and a skylight to spot the stars above!

It really is the best playhouse in the world!

Raggles loves whizzing round the garden on the Twooter with Rosie. 

It’s the quickest way of getting round the garden so they can visit all their friends and Raggles always remembers Rosie’s golden rule: to wear a helmet!

If he's not on the Twooter then he'll be up to his old tricks on his skateboard. And he even has his own train - The Raggles Express!

  • Bright Yellow and Orange
  • 2 seats
  • 3 wheels
  • Second fastest in the garden

Raggles’ favourite bedtime story is HOW ROSIE MISLAID HER RAGGLES

Download your copy, or buy the book here.

Raggles has a large bowl of strawberries and wants to play a game of 'Hide and Eat'. He dashes off to the Maze while Rosie starts counting, however she is distracted when Will wants to break his speed record in the Go Speeder and Big Bear loses his toffee apple. It's only when Rosie is helping Holly with her picture that she realises she has forgotten all about Raggles. How will she find him and will he forgive her?

Raggles loves playing a lullaby on his favourite penny whistle!

And all his friends love it too... especially the Little Acorns!